Bountiful Health's Story

A message from Dr. Roberta


I transitioned from a large medical group setting to create an ideal medical practice which I named Bountiful Health.  I envision it to be a medical home where patients can have timely access to their physician, and form a direct unhurried health partnership.


Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.
— Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

This transition came about after many years of practicing medicine in a medical business system that has become too complex.  This complexity has produced vast chasms throughout our country between physicians and the patients they strive to help.  In order to continue with my medical calling of service, I needed to create a straightforward office setting like what was used for years prior to the entangled healthcare system that exists today.  In the days of old, the medical business model was direct pay.  It worked for centuries and it can work today.

Yes, healthcare has become too complex and expensive.  The complexity has led to regulations and costly overhead.  The cost of maintaining this system is passed down to you, the patient.  Thus, skyrocketed insurance premiums and deductibles.  Healthcare has become so expensive that sadly some people just can’t afford it.   My goal is to help my patients optimize their healthcare dollars.   I do not claim to be a healthcare insurance policy.  I do recommend a catastrophic health insurance plan for all patients through a reputable insurance company.   Primary care, itself, can be affordable by a direct pay model.  It does not need to be entangled within a complex expensive system.  Bountiful Health works within this affordable, direct-pay model.