What is Direct Primary Care?

Direct Primary Care or DPC model of medical care is structured to put the emphasis back on the relationship between the patient and their physician.  This has the ability to improve health outcomes and lower overall healthcare costs.  DPC physicians do not take insurance and thus are able to avoid costly demands of  their time in documentation for insurance companies, and this frees up that time to spend with their patients.   

How does it work?

You pay a membership fee once a month for primary care services.  There are no co-pays and you can schedule extended time office visits.   You can also ask your doctor questions about your health, that perhaps could not wait until the next business day, by secure portal-email or phone. The membership also includes access to discounted pricing for laboratory, radiology testing.

Do I need insurance?

Yes.  Bountiful Health is not an insurance plan.  Your membership fees cover primary care services.  Bountiful Health does not cover emergency room or hospital stays.  In general, direct primary care practices pair well with high deductible health plans or medical cost sharing plans.  We recommend you consult an insurance broker to decide what plan makes the most sense for you.

Note:  At this time Bountiful Health and Dr. Nieto are unable to accommodate Medicare or Medi-Cal patients due to contract constraints with those governmental agencies.

Is this too expensive?

You will save money long-term by combining a DPC membership with a higher-deductible health insurance policy while remaining confident you can afford the routine medical care you need. You won’t feel the need to postpone primary medical care. 

Do you have specialists?

No. Bountiful Health is your primary care provider. We provide first-level care that statistics show may reduce your need to see specialists.

When the need arises, however, we will refer you to a doctor with the expertise you need to treat your particular condition, advanced diseases or manage your chronic pain.

Does membership exempt me from the ACA?

No. You must still have the minimum coverage required by the Affordable Care Act at this time. However, we know that many patients have extremely high deductible policies and get little benefit from these plans as far as day-to-day care is concerned. Costs are skyrocketing and you need truly affordable care. Bountiful Health bridges that gap for you.

Is direct primary care right for me?

Direct primary care medicine is growing rapidly. If you have a low-deductible “Cadillac” plan and don’t wish to submit to your insurance company yourself, it may not be the right model for you. Sadly, those plans are fast becoming history. The majority of Americans have high-deductible plans -- insurance for catastrophes only and get little in return for all the money they fork over to those plans.  

If this is your current situation, Bountiful Health is your perfect solution.

 Can I just come in for a single sick visit?

Bountiful Care is not a walk-in clinic.   We want to get to know you so we can provide the best care for your personal condition. The best way to get -- and keep -- you healthy is for you to feel comfortable with us. We’re about building relationships. If you’re visiting town or in need of a single sick visit, there are several excellent clinics in the area that do just that.  For patients who want to contract for fee-for services cash pricing, then that option is available for a limited time only.  We understand that everyone's healthcare needs and utilization of services are different.  Restrictions to such arrangements do apply.