Roberta Nieto, M.D.


Dr. Roberta’s practices medicine where people are treated like people and not numbers.  Her approach to wellness is to listen to a person’s story.  She believes that every person’s story is unique and that story is the tapestry of their lives.  Their wellness is within that tapestry.   She believes that her job as a physician is to collaborate with her patients and help them search their own tapestry to achieve their own level of wellness.  Dr. Roberta’s approach is to use conventional medicine as needed, but she also realizes that alternative approaches and lifestyle changes may be what is needed over traditional pharmaceutical means.  She is an advocate for lifestyle and nutritional approaches.

Dr. Roberta is a native of Orange County.   Her own journey into medicine was unique.   Prior to medical school she worked as a microbiologist at UCI Medical Center where she interacted with infectious disease doctors who were treating patients afflicted with HIV/A.I.D.S.   Those cases touched her heart and she began volunteering as an emotional support “buddy” at the then A.I.D.S services center of Orange County.  Her microbiology knowledge and the volunteer experience sparked in her a dream to further serve others, and ultimately that led to medical school.

After graduating from the Medical College of Wisconsin, she attended and completed the UCLA affiliated Family Medicine Residency at Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center and continued on as an attending physician teaching doctors in training.  Dr. Roberta enjoys education and teaching.  She continues to be involved in residency education and clinical precepting.   She has had over 15 years of experience working in family medicine, urgent care, and with underrepresented patient populations. 

In her spare time, Roberta enjoys spending time with her family, volunteering at her church, attending to her rescued pets, playing the guitar, the outdoors, vegetable gardening, reading, and continuous lifelong learning.